Tikhon Zakharov


Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 10, Dexterity 6, Fighting 0, Intellect 8, Awareness 8, Presence 0

Zmey’s Eye:
Dragonsight: Senses 7 [Noticeable] (Counters Magic Illusions, Darkvision,and Analytical Detect Magic)
Arcane Understanding: Comprehend 1 [Magic, Mental,], ( Understand all Written Text)
Arcane Insight: Quickness 7 [Limited to Magic], (Spellcasting Mastery)
Removable (-2 points) (The Stone can pulled from my eyesocket)

(10 points)


Hand Crossbow
Normal Bolts: Damage 5 [Ranges; Improved Crit, Subtle, Penetrating]
Alt: Tranq Darts: Affliction 3 (Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep) [Ranged, Progressive (Alt Save: Fort); Subtle]
Alt: Grappling Bolts: Movement 3 (Safe Fall, Swinging, Wall-Climbing) [Subtle]
Alt: Flash Bolts: Affliction 6 (Dazed, Stunned, Unaware) [Ranged; Subtle,]

Standard Equipment
Camouflage Cloak (1 ep), Thieves Tools (1 ep), Flash Goggles (1 ep), Climbing Gear (1 ep), Thieves Tools (1 ep), Gas Mask (1 ep), Forgery Tools (1 ep), Spellbooks (1 ep), Phrasebook (1 ep), Scope (1 e), Flack Vest (4 ep)

All-out Attack, Power Attack, Improved Aim, Move-by Action, Quick Draw, Redirect, Hide in Plain Sight, Uncanny Dodge, Assessment, Artificer, Improvised Tools, Well-Informed, Ritualist, Equipment 6, Jack of All Trades, Linguist (English)

Acrobatics 0 (+ 10), Athletics 10 (+ 10), Close Combat: Unaware Targets 0 (+ 0), Deception 8 (+ 8), Expertise: Magic 2 (+ 10), Expertise: Planning 1 (+ 9), Insight 0 (+ 8), Investigation 0 (+ 8), Perception 4 (+ 12), Ranged Combat: Hand Crossbow 0 (+ 5), Sleight of Hand 4 (+ 10), Stealth 4 (+ 14), Technology 0 (+ 8)

Initiative + 10
Crossbow + 8, Damage 20/ Damage 18-Fort 13/ Reflex 16

Dodge 20, Parry 0
Toughness 4 (Def Roll 0, Armor 3), Fortitude 1, Will 8

Dead Broke: Zakharov cannot hold onto money for any extended period of time, and it quite good at
spending it on blackjack and hookers.

Hunted: Zakharov has pissed of serveral people over the years, including Bolshivecks, and the Thule Society, who want the Eye.


My youngest memories are of living alone on the streets, picking pockets and running messages to, keep my ribs from meeting my spine. That changed one day, when I saw an old man walking on the street as people, ‘just passed him by like he wasn’t there’. I thought that the man had some valuables I tried to make a grab. I was caught, and Artyom, the old man, impressed with my ability to see a Keeper, offered me a new life. I ended up working for the Keepers, collecting items of old magic, burying things that were threat to Russia. On the side, however, I was collecting a nice bit of wealth for myself.

Still, the next big event was the schism and the shadow war. Some elements of Keepers had grown dissatisfied with our hands-off policy with regards to the magic we had collected. The Keepers spilt, with one faction being led by Artyom, who followed the codex, and Rasputin, who took the powers the the Keepers had collected, and sought to use them to benefit himself. The split shook the Keepers to their needs. Surprising no one, I went with Rasputin. This turned out to be a terrible decision.

Rasputin offered me a fortune for the job of retrieving the gemstone known as The Eye. Getting to The Eye meant exploring dangerous ruins. Once I handed over the Eye, however, Rasputin betrayed me, tearing out my eye, and using the heart of captured dragon to activate the eye. Leaving us for dead, however, was a mistake. The dragon gave me his eye, to heal my wounds, and instructed me to take revenge. Using my new insight, I constructed a booby-trapped gem, then snuck it into Rasputin’s ritual, destroying it, and preventing Rasputin form using the eye. However, it didn’t kill him, and that lead to me running from my problems to America.

Tikhon Zakharov

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