1939:Chasing Shadows

Adventure log 5

After modifying the ship so it could travel underwater, we spent two days traveling to the Atlantean city. We went through town and up an elevator to the council chambers. There, we met Stylianos, the people’s voice; Chrysanthos, the guilds’ magistrate; Gerasinos, the sage overseer; and Andonis, the high lord general. They normally had a fifth member of the council, Coralina, who we had met before off the coast of Tunisia. Coralina had apparently been kidnapped by the same people who adbucted Agent Debling.

While we explained the situation to them, it became apparent that Stylianos and Andonis were not very friendly to outsiders. The council sent us away to deliberate, and we were led off by Fotis, Coralina’s younger brother and the captain of the guard. He explained that Stylianos and Andonis supposed a policy of hostile expansion, which was opposed by Coralina and the other council members.

Fotis took us to his family’s home, and we went into Coralina’s lab, where we found her and Fotis’s youngest brother, Akakios. Exploring the lab, we found that Coralina was working on a way to reverse whatever had caused her people’s lifespan to fall dramatically over the years. From what we could tell, the Atlanteans had simply run out of spell components, and could no longer do some fairly straightforward magics without them.

The council called us back in, and they sent eleven Atlantean soldiers with us to rescue Coralina and Agent Debling. We further enhanced the ship so it could invisibly fly, and we took it into the mountains, though we were forced to land during a storm. After some marching, we came upon a large factory tower encircled with radio towers and lots of patrols. We ambushed one of the guard emplacements and took their uniforms, then infiltrated the factory. We found our way down to the barracks and mess hall and caused a distraction so we could go deeper into the facility. We eventually found a door, behind which we heard Lenka Komorov interrogating someone.


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